Friday, June 3, 2011

TGIF (2)

TGIF is hosted by the fabulous Ginger over at GReads! I haven't done this meme near as much as I would like to, but Ginger always has some seriously fantastic questions. Head on over and link up!

This Friday's Question:

Book Love: Do you share your books with others? 
Who was the last person you sent a book to?

It normally depends on the person. I would send my books to all of my bloggy bookish friends in a heartbeat. It's nice that there is this big community of book lovers like me. My family always thinks that I am crazy picky about the condition of my books. I hate the spine crease, dog eared pages, or any sort of damage. It seriously breaks my heart. Luckily I can send books off to other bloggers and I know they will come back in excellent condition because they feel the same way I do.

The last person that I sent a book to, as far as borrowing, was author Tiffany King. I shipped Divergent to her to borrow because she has been dying to read it and I feel like everyone needs to read it anyway. As far as gifting a book, I sent a copy of Anna and the French Kiss (another awesomely amazing book!) to Donna at Book Passion For Life as a RAK gift. 

I love spreading my love of books on to other people!


  1. I try to tell myself not to worry about the condition of my books, but I can't! My cousin borrows my books all the time, and before I give them to her I take of the dust jacket, lol.

  2. Agreed! I know other book lovers will treat my books good. Thanks for my copy of Divergent that you sent me!! :)

  3. I'm super picky about the condition of my books, too. I've had the awful experience of getting books back in less than stellar condition and...YIKES. I really don't know how they do it, haha.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. As far as my popular paperback covers go, I don't care to much. My copy of The Truth About Forever is nearly in tatters but that's ok because it has gotten some major love BUT my hardcover books that I spend money on, well I am picky about those babies. If my family members were nearly as careful as half of my blogging buddies, then I am sure they would be in pristine condition :)

  5. I do loan my books out but sometimes (OFTEN) it's not easy. I just figure that it's kind of a waste for them to sit on the shelf forever, I might as well let others enjoy them. There are some I won't hesitate to loan them to because they understand my need to have them in good condition (blogging friends and one sister in law). But there are a few friends and family members that just have an uncanny ability to hand them back in tatters. I really hesitate to loan them to those people and am usually urging them to check their library first. My family lives 2,000 miles away though and I send my mom a box of books each month. Those books get read by an average of 12 people. So they often come back a little worn, but really, that's to be expected and it's always worth it when I get texts from my family all excited about the books I sent. And really, every single book I read I'm thinking which of my friends and family would enjoy it the most. I have every persons taste down to a T and can usually get them the perfect books.