Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review - Stupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane

Title: Stupid and Contagious
Author: Caprice Crane
Publisher: 5 Spot
Date Released: 2006
Pages: 317
Genre: YA, Adult Fiction
Source: Library

Twenty-six-year-old Heaven Albright is a failed PR executive turned embittered waitress. Twenty-nine-year-old Brady Gilbert is a struggling independent music producer with no bands and a get-rich quick product idea: "Cinnamilk"--a delicious beverage derived from leaving cereal in the bowl too long. What do these two people have in common? Not much--except for a shared dislike for one another as neighbors. You see, Heaven has an annoying habit of opening Brady's mail. The tide turns, however, when she rescues Brady from an awkward encounter with his psycho ex-girlfriend, sparking an unlikely friendship and a united quest to pitch Cinnamilk to the founder of America's biggest coffee chain. But will Brady and Heaven's fortune-seeking adventures also brew romance? (Goodreads)

Kim’s take – I thought this was a great, funny story. Both characters are quirky but Heaven takes the cake. Brady is a struggling music producer trying to get his company off the ground when he moves into the apartment next to Heaven. Life is never the same for him again. Heaven is hilarious but annoying and things do not start out well for them. They actually can’t stand each other. Heaven has a very bad habit of opening his mail before she gives it to him.

After being fired from her waitress job, due to her rudeness, she invites herself on a trip to California with Brady, who is scouting a potential band. He also plans a quick trip up to Seattle where he plans to meet with the owner of Starbucks to “wow” him with his idea for Cinnamilk. Catastrophe seems to follow Heaven everywhere and California is no exception. They are both in denial as they start to realize that they are much fonder of each other than they would like to be.

This is such a happy, hilarious book that I would recommend it to anyone. Heaven’s antics will have you laughing out loud!

Kim’s Rating


  1. This sounds both fun and cute! I shall add it to my list of books to check out.

    :D thanks for the review

  2. It sounds like a fun novel! I have another book from the other waiting on my TBR pile ("Forget about it"), and it sounds just as lovely!