Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review - The Advice Girl by L.A. Shaw

Title: The Advice Girl
Author: L.A. Shaw
Publisher: Self published
Release date: March 25th, 2011
Pages: 173
Genre:YA, Adult fiction
Source: Review copy from author
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Summary via Goodreads:
Kira and Sophia have been best friends since they were five years old. They share an apartment together, and tell each other everything.

Everyone loves Sophia, and she is often called "the advice girl" by people who know her. Kira believes she knows her friend better than anyone. But in a mysterious accident, Sophia loses her life.

Kira is mourning the devastating loss when she finds a note addressed to her from beyond the grave. Kira realizes she doesn’t know her friend as well as she thought, as she starts to uncover the truth. She falls into a deep depression, confused and lost, until a visit from a strange man puts her in the middle of a war between two secret societies.

Kira soon understands that she is in danger, and doesn’t know who to trust. She has to fight for her own life now.

Missy's take - 

I thoroughly enjoyed The Advice Girl. It was a quick read and kept me very interested. The plot was interesting and full of suspense. 

The story begins through the point of view of Kira, whose best friend Sophia has been killed in a mysterious fire at their apartment. Kira is understandably devastated over the death of her friend and the first few chapters show us how difficult it is for her to cope with her death. As the story unfolds we learn that everything isn't necessarily as it seems and Kira herself is now thrown into danger that only originally involved Sophia. From there we are brought into a world of danger, suspense and mystery.

I loved the story, but I did have a couple of issues with it. The story is told from alternating points of view by several different characters. In the beginning of the book it alternated based on chapter, but as it got further involved it would change in alternating paragraphs and sometimes sentences. I could look past it and still enjoy reading it, but at times it did confuse me. There were a couple of times that I actually had to go back and re read a sentence or paragraph to figure out whose point of view it was in. The only other issue that I really had was the insta love between two of the characters. Normally I don't have a problem with it, but I think it would be better if the relationship between the characters had developed a little bit more before it happened. I would have liked to know more about them individually first.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this. I am giving it a 3.5 due to the issues I had, but don't let the minor problems I had deter you from reading it. It is a short exciting read and the the beginning to a new series. I will definitely be checking out the sequel as we are left with quite the cliffhanger at the end of this one!

Missy's rating: 


  1. Ah Insta-love. I have a love/hate relationship with insta-love! This sounds like it would be a really interesting read. Glad you enjoyed reading it, even with the issues you had with it. :)

  2. Sounds really good if you can get past the confusion of alternating POV sentences! Lol!!!

  3. This seems like a really interesting novel. Mystery isn't a genre that I usually get into, but I like the idea of alternating perspective. I'll probably be checking this one out. Great review!

  4. Found through the CEP. :)

    Interesting book, that change of voice would bug me too, though. Was it at least given fair warning when the perspective changed, or did you have to figure it out on your own?

  5. I haven't heard of these book before, but it sounds pretty interesting(:
    And I love the name Kira:D
    Awesome review(: