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Review & Author Interview - The Fire Inside (Sidekicks) by Raymond Rose

Title: The Fire Inside (Sidekicks) (Amazon)
Author: Raymond Rose
Publisher: Christopher Williams Books
Release Date: 2010
Pages: ebook, 480
Genre: YA, Adult Fiction
Source: Ebook

Ten years ago, Jack and Bruce barely survived a battle royale between good and evil that left half of their city destroyed. Over the years, they’ve drifted apart – their lives going separate paths. Now Bruce is back in town looking for Jack’s help. Because what’s about to happen is worse than anything they could imagine!

Kim’s take:

I have to admit that this is the first ebook that I have read. And it was really, really good. The story focuses on Jack who was once a member of a group called Teen Protectors. Each member of the group has a different and original super power. But there are also those with powers who become villains. After an epic battle one night between the powers of good and evil which affects the entire city, the group disbands and Jack decides that he does not want to be a part of the agency anymore and only wants a life of normalcy. This lasts for 10 years until his life is forever changed by a visit from his old friend Bruce who came to him for help with a special project. After Bruce turns up dead that evening, Jack feels he must find out who killed his friend, why, and what Bruce had been working on. Bruce has only left him with few cryptic clues to go on. The story is often taken back to the night of the tragic battle 10 years before when Jack and Bruce were young, their roles in the battle, and the loss of so many people who were important to them.

There are so many different characters with such very different superpowers such as copying themselves, digitizing, and even “leeching” by taking someone else's powers. It is a very well thought out and intriguing story with non-stop action. The author has a very good ability of making you feel as if you really know the characters and what makes them tick. There are many surprises! Definitely a recommended read!

Kim’s Rating - 


Interview with Raymond Rose 

1.    Please tell us a little about yourself....

I’m 35 years old (going to be 36 in a month or so), married to a wonderful woman, and I have two little boys with a third on its way.  So, as you can imagine, my house is crazy.  I’m a mostly stay-at-home dad (I work a part time job at night) who, when he isn’t shuffling his boys from playgroup to playgroup, is trying to get his writing career rolling.  I’m a novelist but I also have an interest in comic books and films.  I’d like to get to a point where I’m working in various different mediums to keep it all interesting.

2.    Where do you generally come up with your ideas?

All over.  The Fire Inside came about from wanting to work with superhero-style characters but in a dramatic/thriller setting.  Better Together came out of reading the title of a book and instantly a story popping in my head.  My ideas come to me while I go about my day (like overhearing someone say something or reading a line in a book incorrectly, etc) and, some of them, team up to make bigger, grander ideas.

3.    Who is your favorite author and how has he/she inspired your work?

Stephen King.  Through his books, King taught me how to tell a story and how not to worry if the idea is too strange.  Sometimes I’m amazed at Stephen King’s audacity to tell the tales that he tells.  It’s inspiring.

4.    Which of your books is your favorite?

That’s hard.  I like both of them for different reasons.  I love Better Together for Paul’s sweetness and his interactions with Max.  I love The Fire Inside because of Jack’s drive and I know where the story is going to go.

5.    Describe yourself in 5 words.....

Doesn’t play well with others. Ha ha ha!

6.    How long have you been writing?

A long time.  The first time I remember writing a story was in fifth grade and I had to do a literacy project.  I chose to write my version of the back story of what happened before the first Star Wars movie (A New Hope, Vol 4).  They were massive, ell –encompassing stories that really stretched my imagination.  When I saw the Star Wars Prequels many years later, I was a little let down.  Sometimes I think my stories were better.

I seriously started writing in ’95.  In ’97, I went to Chicago and studied a year at the Columbia College of Chicago in their fiction writing department.  It’s an amazing place and I learned so much.  Since then, I have been writing earnestly with the intention of getting published.  Last year, after years of being told that agents didn’t know how to market my books, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

7.    If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?

The Indignant Penguin and the Curse of the Golden Doubloon.  It would have nothing to do with the story but I think the title is catchy...

8.    If you could be any fictional character who would you choose and why?

Not Ron Weasely, can I just say that.  Seriously, Ron’s family is always like, “Harry saved our lives!”  If Ron hadn’t been friends with Harry, he’d have less dead family members, no brother who likes his meat rare, and a father who has a massive fear of snakes now.

If I could be a fictional character, I would like to be Simon Morley of Jack Finney’s novel, Time and Again.  In the book, Simon goes back in time to New York, 1882.  I’m kind of a nut for that time period and I think it would be fun to time travel there time.  Also he’s an artist, so he draws what he sees while he’s there.  As a closet artist myself, it would be great to have that chance to draw what others can’t see anymore.

9.    If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?

Colossus.  He’s from the X-Men and he can turn into metal.  Think of how many people you could help if you could be impervious to cold, heat, and bullets.

10.  What are your best and worst habits?

All my habits are bad.  I know my worst habit is procrastination.  I’m really, really bad at it.  My best habit is trusting my instincts when I write.  I don’t think I would be able to get anything done if I didn’t trust that what I am working on is good enough to continue.

Thank you so much for this interview!  It was so much fun.  If you like what you’ve read, check out my books.  I know you’ll like them.

We want to thank Raymond for the opportunity to review his awesome books and for taking the time to answer some questions for us! We highly recommend you check out both his books!


  1. The Fire Inside sounds awesome! I've actually been really wanting to read some more superpower YA novels recently and this definitely sounds like it fits the bill. I will be checking this out!

    Loved the interview. He is so right about Ron LOL. And let's not forget George's bleedin' ear would still be attached! Loved his answer for #5 too :D I'm such a bad procrasinator too. Really enjoyed reading these answers!

  2. I'm usually a little hesitant to read e-books, not because I doubt the writing but because it takes a certain amount of dedication to stare at a little screen long enough to get through a whole book, lol. This one sounds worth it, though. I like stories where the characters are completely fleshed out and it sounds like this is one of those. Your review makes me want to learn more about Jack and his history with Bruce. Great review! : )