Saturday, March 26, 2011

Guest Blogger - Makenna (our 10 yr old niece)

So today we are pleased to pass the reviewing responsibilities over to our awesome 10 year old niece Makenna. She, like us, is an avid reader and shares our love of books.

Here is a little bit about her (in her words of course):

 My name is Makenna. I am 10 years old and in the 4th grade. I love to read. I have 9 chickens, 2 ducks, 2 cats, a rabbit and 2 hamsters. My favorite thing to do is play with my chicken and cat. My chicken is a Bantam. That means she is really small. Her name is Chickmunk. and she's really nice. She likes to stand on my arm. My cat is nice too. She is always following me around. Her name is Princess Kitty or Princess for short. I want a dog too. My favorite 2 dogs are an Alaskan Malamute and a Siberian Husky.


Now on to the review!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth 
By Jeff Kinney 

Makenna's take-

The Ugly Truth is about a kid named Greg Heffley. In the beginning it's been two weeks since him and his friend Rowley Jefferson had their big fight. School is about to start and he needs a friend. Greg has two choices. Christopher or Tyson, but they both have something wrong with them. Christopher was only a good summer friend because all the mosquitos were attracted and left Greg alone and Tyson had weird bathroom habits.

My favorite part was when their mom is going back to school at night and Greg, his two brothers and his dad are on their own. They tried to make dinner and Manny, Greg's little brother, is in charge of the iced tea and he mixes it with his hands so that it's undrinkable. His older brother Rodrick, that's in high school, makes the roast beef and forgets to take the plastic off. So they bagged the homemade meal and went out to eat. After they left the restaurant Rodrick spits his gum at some moths and hits his dad instead. His dad got mad and started chasing Rodrick all over the parking lot. Dad trips over the curb and twisted his ankle and had to go to the emergency room. He lies to the nurse and says he tripped over one of Manny's cars in the driveway!

There are many other funny parts in this book too like Greg's uncle Gary having his 4th wedding. His first wife Linda married him 2 months after they met and didn't find out what he did for a living until the wedding. When he got there he was still in his dinosaur suit from performing at a kids birthday party. His second wife thought he was rich because of miscommunication on the second date. 
Greg's school year is almost over and by the end of the school year will Greg be friends with Rowley again? To find out you will have to read the book!

I think that this book was really funny and made me laugh a lot. The characters are hilarious.You should read more books about Greg like Rodrick Rules, Dog Day, The Last Straw and more books by Jeff Kinney like Big Nate.

**We want to thank Makenna for writing her awesome review. She was very excited when I told her that there were a bunch of people that wanted to read it! **

Here she is hard at work on her review! :) Please leave her some comments and let her know what you think of her first review!


  1. Nice job! I've heard this book is pretty funny! Hope to see you review again in the future!

  2. Awesome review, Makenna!! This is so great!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful review Makenna! I really enjoyed it!

  4. Makenna your review ROCKS!!! I think you have a great talent!
    Cheers, Thomas Amo

  5. Makenna, awesome review! You must take after your aunts :) I have a little sister (about your age) who reads Diary of a Wimpy Kid and loves those books too! The book sounds very funny (&& the movie versions of the book look hysterical; I'm guessing you've probably seen them?)Thanks for taking the time to write such a wonderful review on this book!

  6. What an awesome review Makenna! This has made me want to go read the books now! I shall take your recommendation, and grab me a copy sometime! I would definitely read your reviews, if you wrote another one for your aunts!!

  7. Wow, wonderful job with the review! I have been wanting to read these books since the movie came out! Again, fantastic job!
    Happy Reading
    Blakeley [The Book Bell]

  8. My son loves these books which is a big deal because he hates to read!! I know shocking right my son!!! Um yep and I'm a writer!!! Great job on the review and keep up the good work :o)

  9. Great review Makenna! I saw the movie: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I thought it was really good. It makes me want to try out the books now too. :)

  10. It's nice to see a review from someone whom the book is actually intended for! :) Great review!!

  11. My son loves these books too! I loved your review Makenna!

  12. Great review! One of the kids I used to babysit loved Diary of the Wimpy kid. He used to talk about it often, and that made me want to read the book. I've not gotten around to it yet. But! I did see the movie recently and thought it was hilarious. The movie and this review certainly bumped Diary of a Wimpy Kid up on my to read list!